Fine Young Cannibals | Self-Titled

What do we have here. Another album with a standard break-up theme, but with some redeeming features which deviate it from the rest.

When I picked up this album I honestly had more hope for it. I was well aware this was the band that produced the hit ‘She Drives Me Crazy’, and so I was hoping for an array of tracks that would encapsulate the 80’s era as that track once did. Quite the opposite though, this is nothing more than a filler, like porridge, a staple to your diet; it will get the job done, but you wont fantasize about having it later.

There are a few subtle moments that redeem it however. There is this delicate inclusion of instruments that fuse in to breakup and emphasize certain moments in pieces. There is also some strange background guitar which commonly recurs and would not be out of place in many indie bands today, so the 21 year old album has certainly aged well.

The album actually wouldn’t be too hard to displace from many current acts. I actually caught myself a few times being convinced that the background guitar was pulled from ‘Daft Punk’s- Get Lucky’ or swearing that the singer was surely the father of Kele from Bloc Party for their similarities in tones.

Noticeable tracks include ‘Johnny Come Home’, ‘Don’t Ask Me To Choose’ and an awesome cover of ‘Suspicious Minds’. The others really don’t resonate or hit any noticeable feels though, so it was good that the average track time was a snappy three and a half minutes.

For the most part, this was a pretty unremarkable album which dwindles in quality as you get to the latter tracks. The album art is all pretty lackluster too, nothing catches the eye, and there’s a horrible attempt to create a logo with an acronym of the band name.

All in all, thumbs down.

Special mention to Kele from Bloc Party for delivering better albums than his father.

Listen to the album here or buy it on amazon here.

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