Celine Dion | The Color Of My Love

Celine is notably well known for her prominent vocals on Titanic’s featured track, ‘My Heart Will Go On’, so I was expecting some shit your pants powerful harmonies.

The key theme throughout is your standard romantic bullshit. I took the liberty of renaming some tracks to emphasise my point.

  1. I Love You
  2. I’ve Forgotten You
  3. Don’t Leave Me
  4. I Need You Again
  5. Stop Talking Shit About My Baby
  6. It’s Been Too Long Since I’ve Seen You
  7. Show Me You Love Me

You get the point…

Now I can’t really complain, I knew this before I picked up the album and I’m not emotionally disconnected or one to complain about overt displays of affection either, but even this was too much, there’s only so much a person in a functioning happy relationship can handle.

This is far more suited to those in relationship turmoil. Picture a recently divorced middle aged housewife, tears streaming down her face, reminiscing on her marriage. THAT, is who Celine made this album for, and I’m sure it hits the emotionally charged nostalgic sweet spot they are after.

At times songs sounded perfectly crafted for a Disney film. Inheriting sparkly background sound effects, simple lyrics and building to a catchy chorus. This was emphasised with the track ‘When I Fall In Love’, a duet which could quite easily be dubbed over Jasmine and Aladdin’s scene of ‘A Whole New World’.

Celine consistently draws on a reliance and dependence on men, a theme that would piss off a few modern militant feminists. Aside from this, the album has a timeless quality, well suited to a person’s emotional spirit rather than the decade they’re in. Essentially, the album stayed fairly musically safe, there are moments of distinct 90’s R&B which have crept their way in however.

Towards the end I found myself noticeably angered. Clenched fists and beads of frustration perspired from me, I’m not sure whether it was just the consistent irritating song subjects or the unexpansive musical arrangement, but I highly recommend they have it implemented as one of the albums on repeat when torturing inmates.

All in all, I’ll return to this album when my first marriage ends.

Special mention to the track ‘Refuse to Dance’, the only one not romantically invested.

*Since writing this I’ve streamed ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and for now at least I’ve forgiven Celine.

Listen to the album here.

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